Episode 2: Erin Foley Chan

In the second episode of Truer Words, we discuss some of the mental roadblocks to committing to writing as a goal.

Then Melissa speaks to comedy writer Erin Foley Chan about how she applies her social work and TV network experience to her writing projects!

Find Erin on Twitter @erinrosechan and Instagram: Erinrosechan. And find Erin’s dog, Thor, on Instagram: @Thebiteythor. She’s also on the How to Watch Movies the Right Way podcast.

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Show Notes:

Books, movies, comedy specials, and other media mentioned include:

Nanette by Hannah Gadsby

My Life as a Goddess by Guy Branum

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Forever Princess by Meg Cabot

Cash Cab

Samantha Bee’s This Is Not A Game The Game

Jantsen’s Gift by Pamela Cope / The COPE Foundation

Bubble Guppies

Brooklyn 99

Get Out

Inside You by Heather Fink

Game Night

Kathryn Benson